Goodbye to our Community Lead

The following was written by Natasha Colliver, Pollinators Chairperson.

On behalf of the Pollinators Board and Staff, It is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to our Community Lead, Kirsty Kipling…..

I’m sad because Kirsty is such a beautiful person and has impacted on the lives of so many of us in the Pollinators family, and also across our whole Geraldton community…. Through her work with Pollinators, Funtavia, Comedy Emphorium, Scinapse (I’m sure I’ve missed a few), but what has been something really special to watch is her relationship with Sam, and the Dance with a Difference project….now, that was something special.

Having said all that, I’m actually totally excited for Kirsty’s next adventure – travel, and a little bit of taking some time to work out what is next…I’m really looking forward to following your adventures and to seeing how far that old van of yours will get you!

Kirsty, you have touched all of us and we will miss you, but know that you will always be part of our Pollinators family..


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