‘Swarms’ are Pollinators quarterly focus on events, discussions, collaboration and capacity-building to progress significant community-scale issues or opportunities.

Previous Swarm events and activities have focused on:

  • Regional Social Innovations — peer learning for our region’s best social innovations
  • We Love Local? — the merits of, and effective approaches to, encouraging local buying
  • Social Return on Investment — measuring social impact and return on investment
  • Marketing what Matters — marketing for causes and community groups
  • Mythbusting Politics — insight and debate about the dynamics and practicalities of democracy
  • People, Power and the Planet — clean, sustainable energy in our region
  • CoDesign — collaborative design methods for urban development
  • Livening up the Laneways — urban regeneration through art and events
  • Growing Good — scaling, investing and growing social ventures

Flyers and reports from each of these events are available on request.