We’re proud of what we’ve achieved as an organisation. We are even more proud of the relationships we’ve grown, member’s ventures we’ve supported and cultural, social and economic changes we’ve been part of.

Pollinators have supported over 1500 ventures and startups between 2012 and 2016. We help individuals and innovations by providing advice, membership, connecting them with other professionals within the community, hosting a coworking space for people to come together and network, and organising community events. We run many different training programs including Catalyst, Flock and Groundswell, as well as regular networking opportunities such as Networking Lunches, Social Meetups and Swarms.

Enjoy the photos and the timeline of achievements below!

2010 Highlights

  • Community meetings to introduce the concept of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises and gain feedback on areas of support that were needed
  • July — Pollinators ‘launch’ event at SaltDish cafe
  • December — Pollinators Inc becomes an Incorporated Association.

2011 Highlights

  • February — Pollinators Board meet for the first time
  • March — Pollinators Inc new branding completed
  • April — Board of Pollinators strategic planning session. Mission statement ‘We are a growing community of social entrepreneurs’ and our values were decided
  • May — Codesign workshops for CityHive at Swansea House.  This involved 20 local designers, builders, and architects as well as 40 potential tenants or users
  • June — Funding and agreement with WA Museum approved secured use of “The Wedge” for the pilot of CityHive coworking space
  • September — 3-year sponsorship agreement with Sinosteel secured
  • September — ‘Friday Fika’ grows at SaltDish cafe
  • October — $5,500 in donations raised through a crowdfunding.  Money put towards materials for CityHive and to develop the learning program
  • October — CityHive pilot opened
  • October — secured City of Greater Geraldton (CGG) grant and sponsorship to run Catalyst and Swarm events

2012 Highlights

  • March — First AGM and election of Board members
  • March — first ‘Swarm’ event with Jeremy Nichols on ‘Social Return on Investment’ attracting 45 to event and training
  • May — “Better Business Model” design workshop at CityHive as part of Social Enterprise Fund info sessions
  • June — visit by the Governor of Western Australia to CityHive to learn about Pollinators Inc
  • June — letter of intent to Tranmere Pty Ltd to lease Swansea House for CityHive
  • July — 1st ‘Catalyst’ program commences
  • July — paid membership fees introduced
  • July — launched ‘Before I Die’ wall in Swansea Lane with Andrews&Co
  • August — awarded CGG Community Grant ‘Livening up the Laneways’ project with
  • August — awarded CGG Triennial Grant funding for Catalyst learning program
  • August — Mythbusting Politics, iBusiness, People, Power and the Planet and ‘What’s App with You’ events as part of ‘Sustainability and Innovation’ festival
  • August — visit by Brendon Grylls MLA and mentioned by Federal Senator Scott Ludlam in Federal Parliament
  • August — CityHive wins Sustainability and Innovation award
  • November — Laneways project opening in empty shopfront at Swansea House
  • December — Pollinators strategic planning session
  • December — ‘Christmas on the Terrace’ event as part of Laneways project

2013 Highlights

  • January — CityHive moves from ‘Wedge’ to Post Office Lane as Swansea House renovations commence
  • February — Success with Social Enterprise Funding for evaluation, business development and marketing
  • February — Board decides to employ its first employee — an Executive Officer
  • March — Final lease agreement for Swansea House signed
  • March — Catalyst graduate raises substantial philanthropic investment through The Funding Network event
  • April — Second Annual General Meeting held at Swansea House (mid-renovations)
  • April — Marketing workshop develops new ‘tagline’ and branding
  • May — Success with Mid West Development Commission Regional Grants Scheme funding for Social Innovation Series of events
  • June — Marketing What Matters Swarm event
  • August — Laneways art projects complete on Marine Tce, Post Office Lane and Lotteries House
  • August — Goodness Festival (re-branded from Sustainability and Innovation festival) is a huge success
  • August — CoDesign training closes the Livening up the Laneways project
  • August — Second Catalyst program begins
  • August — Chair and EO present at ‘Measuring Social Outcomes’ conference
  • September — Hire second full-time employee
  • September — CityHive opens at Swansea House on Marine Tce!
  • September — Board develops Risk Management plan
  • November — ‘Growing Good’ Swarm event with pitches and investors
  • November — Success with CGG Community Grant to develop an online Learning Marketplace
  • December — Executive Officer 360 degree feedback and performance review
  • December — Catalyst graduation and Christmas party

2014 Highlights

  • January — CityHive private offices are full, with half the permanent coworking spaces also occupied
  • January — Evaluation workshop attracts 40 members and stakeholders to discuss and analyse the results and stories of change from 133 survey responses and 21 interviews.
  • February — New contractors begin working on Learning and Digital programs
  • February — Strategic Planning session
  • March — New website launches