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Featured Member: Sarah Andrews

In this article we meet the wonderfully talented and passionate Sarah Andrews.

In some respects Sarah has come full circle, growing up in Geraldton, she set sail out into the world to explore, grow and learn before returning to her hometown to do what she was born to do.

As little children we are encouraged that we can be anything we dream of but as we get older we start to learn or realise we have to be more practical in our approach. For many we can travel down a chosen path only to realise perhaps it doesn’t make us happy or challenge us as it should. In this way many of us could identify with parts of Sarah’s story.

Sarah started her professional career as a spatial scientist but has returned to Geraldton to create and grow Andrews & Co – a design and branding company.

“I started out my professional career as a spatial scientist working on obscure engineering and planning problems around the world.

“Whilst it was enjoyable, design was always my passion, but it was a little scary deciding to make a career out of it.

“Have you ever heard the joke ‘What’s the difference between a creative and a domino’s pizza? A domino’s pizza can feed a family of four.”

A friend of mine gave me the advice that you should do for a career what you do when you’re procrastinating or in your spare time, so I made the leap and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

Her passion for design is similar to her passion for life.

“I am passionate about creativity and beauty, simplicity, craftsmanship and goodness to each other and ourselves.

Sarah is a supporter of Pollinators because she sees the change it is supporting in the community.

“We support anything that encourages positive movement in our beautiful community. Also, they have lovely branding! (Editors Note –yes our branding is courtesy of Andrews & Co).

“We help regional organisations communicate visually who they are in a global marketplace. Traditionally talented designers mostly prefer to live in the bigger cities around the world to enjoy the plethora of visual stimulation.

“This often leaves areas like ours without the design talent the major cities are overflowing with. Our organization seeks out the best designers around the world to work online on projects here in the Midwest. One day we’re going to do this for regional organisations Australia wide – how exciting is that!

With designers and team members located all around the world there are always a large number of projects on the go at Andrews & Co but Sarah shares her excitement over one particular new project.

“We are lucky enough to be working on a top secret project for the Go GERO! project run by the lovely Emily O’Hara.

“We can’t say too much but we can tell you that you will find some new unexpected and permanent delights around Geraldton come Christmas season!

As many business owners can attest days can be long but Sarah says she loves what she is doing.

“My days are long, but mostly blissfully so, I’m lucky enough to combine play and work, which is the ideal right? Here’s the gist of it.

“A typical day is Dreams.Thoughts.Tea.Alfie/Cuddles.Shower.Coffee.Dress/Dance.Tea.Drive.Lights On. Meditate.Emails.Make Lists.Tea.Phone Calls.Bike Ride. Music/LoudThoughts. Meetings. Tea. Artwork. Dance. Sunshine. Repeat Underlined x1.Meditate.Lights off. Drive. Music/Loud. Dance. Alfie Cuddles. Beach. Sunset. Imagine. Friends. Long Chats. Books. Thoughts. Dreams.

The final word from Sarah is about how the Mid West is developing.

“It’s exciting times for our patch. There’s a lovely energy of growth and creativity building rapidly which is helping us grow in a way which is very uniquely us. A bit gritty, insanely beautiful, a lot of heart, and a good sense of humour…. It’s a great honour to be able to contribute and be a part of this shift.

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