Member Perks

Pollinators’ membership includes many extra perks, thanks to our partners and their awesome generosity. From cheap coffee to free accounting software, members can take advantage of all of the following offers (plus, of course, all our regular offerings). Lap it up and enjoy.

CityHive - Spring Clean copy

Free coworking and discounted meeting space

Get two to four hours a week free coworking space at CityHive. You never know what serendipitous meetups can occur when you meet other members. Plus, members receive 40% off meeting space bookings, and Community Group members get FREE use after hours. All bookings via Podio. *Organisational Member free coworking is for 1 person

Opportunity to present at events

Pollinators members get the opportunity to promote themselves and their ventures at Pollinators events for free. Pollinators host one Networking Lunch and one Social Meetup per month as well as extra events in between. We are constantly inviting our members to host and present at these events.

Free coworking in spaces around the world

Pollinators members get free access to use over 161 coworking spaces in 42 countries!

Free access to Pollinators events

As a member, you get into all of our Pollinators events for free! That includes all ‘Social Meetups’, ‘TED Talk + Toastie’ Networking Lunches and ‘Morning Tea for Me’ events (and more!). All events allow for networking opportunities so you can build relationships with your fellow members and coworkers. We encourage all members to make the most of these free events and get the most out of your membership.


Discounted Graphic Design Work

Liam Richards Design or LRD is an independent design studio based in Geraldton, Western Australia. All Pollinators members receive 10% discount on all projects through our coworker Liam Richards.

Jaffle shack logo


Discounted food and drink

Tuck into hot drinks and scrumptious jaffles at 50c off the normal price. Valid for one drink and jaffle per day.



Free access to online meeting space

Get free access to Pollinators’ GoToMeeting and GoToTraining account so you can collaborate with clients, broadcast (and record) webinars and run interactive training sessions with a digital audience. A powerful tool for expanding your reach to collaborators and markets beyond this town and region.


SpacecubedLogoFree Perth coworking space

Coworkers are entitled to use coworking ‘passport’ providing a free day at one of Spacecubed’s Perth spaces in the CBD.