The Board

Pollinators Inc is lead by experienced professionals from a diverse backgrounds who volunteer their time to lead the organisation. The Board members are elected from our members to represent their interests, fulfil the organisation’s mission and be accountable for its financial sustainability. You can read more about the organisation’s purpose and board member roles in our constitution.

  • Natasha Colliver (Chair/Secretary)
  • Brendon Davies (Treasurer)
  • Jane Bagshaw
  • Jason McFarlane
  • Katarina Smelikova
  • Tom Gorman
  • Priscilla Clayton


We have a creative, hard-working, professional team running our spaces, programs and community with passion and integrity. Angie, Emma and Minna are all part-time, the rest of the time running their other social ventures.

  • Angie West leads on our Spaces including CityHive and CreativeHub
  • Emma Jackson leads our Learning programs
  • Minna Hilton is our current CityHive Host


Learn more about some of members and how you can join them.

Past Board Members

A huge thanks to the past Board Members who were heavily involved with Pollinators Inc in previous stages of the organisation’s development:

  • Pamela Sherlock
  • Paul Dyer
  • Nicole Vlahov
  • Melissa Hadley Barrett
  • Jen Hanrahan
  • Christian Watters
  • Patricia Anderson
  • Alex Godley
  • Dr. Ann Larson
  • Raina Savage
  • Chris Wheatcroft
  • Lisa Greeve
  • Bernadette Anderson
  • David Galloway
  • Ashley Robb
  • John Gourley

Past Staff and Contractors

Thank you to those who were previous staff or contractors at Pollinators Inc:

  • Samille Mitchell
  • Andrew Outhwaite (Co-founder)
  • Lia Thornton
  • Emma Bateman
  • Jackson Canny
  • Heather Fox
  • Jo Blayney
  • Alison Hilton
  • Faye Sanders
  • Valli Papini
  • Kate Najar
  • Dusty Lock
  • Gemma Moore
  • Emma Howell
  • Cassandra Ramshaw
  • Eileen Taylor
  • Virginie Carbonatto
  • Eleanor Lambert
  • Kirsty Kipling