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Flock Intensive will help you and venture go further, faster using a mentoring approach with a small group of trusted peers, experienced guest presenters and world-class resources.

Increase your operational efficiency and grow revenue and professional networks through Flock. Mentors, peer accountability and expert facilitation means you can go further, faster, together. Like group training at the gym: innovation is a team sport, and the supportive ‘action-learning’ environment is low-risk, confidential and value-packed.

Flock Intensive in 2017 is sponsored by the Mid West Development Commission

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Express Interest or ask Questions – contact or call (08) 9965 5371

Starts 16th January 2017.

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What is Flock for?

Flock helps individuals committed grow their venture or project. Flock focuses on organisations or innovations that are already developed and delivering, but could be improved and where a peer support and mentoring approach delivers great value for a small investment. See our GUIDE to see how Flock fits with other programs and services.

Common questions shared by prospective participants include:

I want to start 2017 on the front foot, and moving fast! Who can support me to do that?

How can I gain new skills or knowledge to enable growth, with limited time and money?

Who can I connect with that will be supportive and empathise, but also hold me to account and encourage progress?

Have others faced these challenges, and can I learn from them? 

We just don’t know if we are going about this right…are there smarter ways to manage, deliver and grow?

Read news and stories from the 2014 program.

Who is it for?

Everyone. Depending on the individual applicants, we organise Flock into multiple ‘streams’. Each stream has between 7 and 11 participants attending each session. Historically those streams have included:

  1. Digital – digital professionals working with software, hardware or applications of existing technologies. Perfect for freelancers, developers, consultants, and people providing new products or services with a digital element. The aspiration is to grow your local networks, skills, client base and wider community awareness or your skills.
  2. Creative – designers, artists, makers, performers where intangible intellectual property is of value, where business skills and acumen may be secondary to your professional craft, but where you are growing a commercial offering. Flock will help grow your venture, practise and networks in Geraldton, as well as the networks of creative professionals.
  3. Social – social enterprises, community groups and grassroots social or environmental ventures. Perfect to take your group, project or initiative to the next level. We’ll connect you with people and resources to increase your reach, impact, efficiency and long-term sustainability. And, increase your professional networks.
  4. Solo – freelancers, consultants, tradies where time is money and you’re responsible for everything. Perfect for those where efficiency in delivering value underpins your sustainability, where you and your brand and offer are nearly inseparable, and where intelligent approaches to being a working professional can mean you are in control of your own growth and destiny.
  5. Micro-retail – online retailers, market stall holders. If you have a unique product or service and you are testing the waters with minimal overheads, where smart marketing and distribution really matter, and where testing and growing is really important.

What are the benefits of participating in Flock?

  • Increase success though better strategies, tactics and working smarter
  • Learn fast in a safe environment where questions are welcome,
  • Network and collaborate with fellow innovators & entrepreneurs in your field
  • Save time in researching, testing of different tool, guides and resources,
  • Save money by avoiding costly mistakes

What are the features of the Flock program?

  • 6 sessions of support from mentors, guided by an expert facilitator,
  • Full-time coworking for the duration of the program,
  • Guides, tools and resources tailored to your needs,
  • Private online forum for sharing and discussion,
  • Small peer groups of less than 8 people in each stream
  • Facilitated action-learning approach to ensure relevant to your needs,
  • Pre- and post-program diagnostics and coaching to evidence and track your learning and success.

What’s the timing?

Flock will take place in January 2017, and runs for 3 weeks. We’ve designed this “Intensive” version of Flock to get you off to a great start for 2017.

During the 3 weeks, each mentoring session is 1 hour long, every Monday and Wednesday. The exact timing on those days will be planned to suit the majority of participants in each stream.

You will have full-time access to workspace, meeting space, performance and makerspace at CityHive for the duration of the program.

Dates are:

  • Monday 16th January, Wednesday 18th January,
  • Monday 23rd January, Wednesday 25th January,
  • Monday 30th January, Wednesday 1st February.

Mentors, peers and facilitators will be available at CityHive outside those times for informal support.

What does Flock cost?

Flock is amazing value to get benefits in weeks that may otherwise take you years of time and $$ in individual courses or training sessions.

Earlybird Pricing, before midnight 4th January 2017:

  • $500 inc. GST for non-Members
  • $400 inc. GST for Pollinators members

By registration close, midnight 11th January 2017:

  • $600 inc. GST for non-Members
  • $500 inc. GST for Pollinators members

After submitting your application, you will be invoiced for payment prior to the start of the program. There are several options for paying:

  1. Pay in full, prior to program start,
  2. Pay in instalments,
  3. Seek sponsorship – from your organisation, funders or partners,
  4. Crowdfund – Pollinators and our partners will support your efforts to help you cover the cost of the program.

Limited in-kind and financial support is available to overcome significant barriers to participation, and you can request that support when completing the application form.


What next?

Apply for Flock now

Express Interest or ask Questions – contact or call (08) 9965 5371

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