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There’s a good chance you assume this…

A common misconception. An 18 year old is too young to know anything about business, let alone help me grow mine.

My name is Samuel Purba-Barnard and I run a digital marketing agency. Throughout highschool, I obtained multiple accolades in economics, literature, visual creation, music and technology. Upon placing second in a state treasury competition, I found a passion and a talent in commerce. I’m currently in my gap year and like many others, I’m taking advantage of the most amazing time to be an entrepreneur. I started Distinct Digital Marketing in April specialising in content management and paid traffic services. I love creating and nurturing small businesses and watching them succeed.

What is your mission?
My mission is simple; to make businesses more money and provide them with the life that they dream. I hand select clients of which I truly believe in but I’m always happy to meet up and discover any business! I’m always looking to collaborate and partner with creative freelancers, business advisors and other marketing agents to see how we can provide value to each other! I’m personally all about systemising and automating processes. Systems are scalable, efficient and are trustworthy. I always look for innovative ways to bring my service as close to a product as possible; to optimise for efficiency and effectiveness.

When are you most creative?
I’m most creative when I’m with like-minded individuals who are also passionate about business. I love bouncing off others and being able to share and receive value. This is why I signed up to Pollinators; to be in this network.

Venture profile: Distinct – Digital Media Marketing

I aspire to one day be a leading expert and innovator in the field of digital marketing and paid
traffic. Hence, I started Distinct Digital Marketing; a friendly and committed service that provides
you with content management and paid traffic on social platforms such as Facebook and

What inspires you in your work?
I was inspired by the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Iman Gadzhi and Patrick Bet-David. I found an
interest in entrepreneurship and business since I was 14 years old, and over the years I refined it
down to marketing!

What are your goals for the next three months?
My three month plan is all about networking and finding clients to work with. I’m hand selecting
clients to provide results for and I’m attempting to systemise my approach to digital marketing. I
look to provide new creative solutions to my clients and I always come up with some crazy ideas.
Others are able to contribute to my success by challenging me and criticising my service as much as possible! I love being put under pressure because it’s how I learn and grow. I love hearing different perspectives and the reasoning behind them. Also, I’m always looking to create partnerships and collaborate with others in the same field to see if we can provide value to each other. Just get in touch!

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