Terms and Conditions of Mobile Stage Hire

Agreed charges for mobile stage hire:

  • Stage hire commercial events – $400 + $400 bond
  • Stage hire community events – $200 + $200 bond
  • $150 Transport/Set-up Fee for events in Geraldton
  • $1/km Transport/set-up Fee for events outside of Geraldton


Terms and conditions of mobile stage hire: 

  • Any damage to the Stage(s) beyond normal wear and tear which can be directly related to stage hire arrangements and which could have been avoided, will be deducted from the hire bond and should the damage exceed the bond fee the hiree will be charged the additional amount accordingly, payable within 14 days.


  • The site for the location of the stage(s) at your event should be accessible by the contractor at all times for the efficient delivery, set up and collection of the stage to minimum inconvenience and time wastage.


  • Should the location chosen for the stage(s) be unsuitable as determined by the delivery contractor, erection can be refused until a suitable location can be found. In such a circumstance that a suitable location can not be found i.e. due to inclement weather, the hiree will be required to pay the delivery fee but the hire fee will be refunded.


  • Should the hiree move, alter or allow the set up of the stage(s) to be altered this would indemnify Pollinators Inc. and delivery contractor, Apex Club of Geraldton, from any claim as a result of injury or death.


  • Additions to the stage(s) i.e. sound equipment, cover, seating or electrical are the responsibility of the hiree and any injury or death as a result of additions will be the full responsibility of the hiree.


  • Pollinators Inc. or Apex Club of Geraldton shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage or injury sustained by your organisation or its members, or the general public, either personal or proprietary caused by or arising out of any act, neglect, default or misconduct during the period of the hire of the stage(s).