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Who are you? 
I’m Carrie. Mum. Wife. Total HR nerd. I’ve been working for a long time now and for most of it, I’ve been working in the Human Resources profession.
 I count myself as one of the lucky ones because I realised quite early on in life that people were my ‘thing.’ I’ve always been a people watcher (not in a stalker kind of way), in a human behaviour way, and this led me, via an awesome Uni lecturer, to HR as a profession. I knew there and then it was what I was meant to do.
 As my career has moved on through a number of organisations and then moving to Australia eleven years ago, I have become more and more passionate about engaged workplaces. I’ve experienced some amazing workplaces and some downright awful ones, and I realised that there’s no reason for work to be a place of fear and dread. Engaged employees create engaging customer experiences and they take this vibrancy home. If people are disengaged at work this spills out at home, with partners, kids and friends and it impacts so many people.
What are you working on? 
One of the things I love about my job is the variety! I can be doing anything from policy writing and interviewing one day, to facilitating a team development session and feeding back on a behavioural assessment another. The next day could be a mix of career and leadership coaching, guiding people to understand their values or even branding photography! I have a focus over the next few months to deliver a number of training courses, face to face here in Geraldton. However, having lived in regional WA for a while now, I know how hard it can be to access quality, affordable training so I am also looking to deliver training face to face online via Zoom and also have online courses which people can access anytime, from anywhere.
Who do you collaborate with?
I love collaboration and have worked with people and organisations here in Geraldton, around WA and beyond. I am the volunteer convenor of a couple of HR / People and Culture networks as I believe that it’s better to share the information and ideas we have and to support each other as much as possible, rather than focus on competition. We can just achieve so much more together.

I am someone who just knows the work that she loves to do, and hopes to help other people do the jobs they love, by creating and nurturing engaged workplaces all over the world.

I’m currently located just around the corner from Pollinators at 180 Marine Terrace or via

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