Gordon Macleod – Member Profile

Who are you?

My name is Gordon Macleod and I decided to get involved with Pollinators after attending their members meet up at CityHive.

What are you working on? 

I’m still recovering from having a stroke and working on improving my body movements. However, my ultimate aim is to create a support group for all community members who have experienced a stroke. I want us all to come together so we can talk and support one another.

Who do you collaborate with?

I’m looking to collaborate with other members of Pollinators when I cowork during the week. I would also like to meet and collaborate with other stoke victims like myself.

Is there an innovation you’re loving right now? 

The Independent Living Centre website has been very helpful to me. It has provided lots of support and information in helping me overcome obstacles.

Is there a time when you are most creative?

I like to think I’m always creative.


Pollinators exists to nurture people and innovations that enable healthy, resilient communities. Our services, programs and events deliver outcomes for the individuals, their ventures, and our wider community, ensuring we are all #winning. Membership is open to innovators, entrepreneurs and organisations who share our values: being connected, collaborative and creative.

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