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Recycling In The Hive!

Recycling just got better in CityHive with our new brightly coloured recycling bins, but we need your help to make it effective!

In addition to the large recycling bins we also recycle the following items:

  • Batteries – please place in the small black container on the reception desk
  • Food scraps – small container on the sink – please take home if you have chickens or compost.

How to use the new recycling bins:

Red Bin White bin Blue Bin Yellow Bin Black Bin
General Rubbish Soft plastics Paper and Cardboard Plastic Bottles

(type 1 & 2 only)

Aluminium Cans
All other items


Yes, disposable coffee cups and lids go in the rubbish

Any clean scrunchy plastic

e.g. gladwrap, plastic bags, bubble wrap, chip packets.

Clean paper or cardboard including glossy magazines.


NO tissues, hand towels or food contaminated items

Milk and drink bottles.


NOTE: please rinse and remove lids (they go in the rubbish)

Aluminum drink cans.


Please rinse first.

Upstairs recycling:

Upstairs we just have the three bins for paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and general rubbish as well as a paper re-use tray for paper that has only been printed on one side.

We have deliberately removed the rubbish bins from the meeting rooms and co-working space to reduce the chance of attracting unwanted guests.

Want to take reducing waste to the next level?

Try using loose leaf tea – make your next cuppa in one of our beautiful teapots you won’t regret it. Did you know that a lot of teabags have plastic in them and are extremely resource intensive? Check out how they are made:

Teabags are Made of Plastic

Something so many people don't realise is that teabags are made of plastic. I talk about it a lot, but people are skeptical 😉 Well… here is video evidence! This BBC 2 clip shows plastic being added to teabags being manufactured in a factory. Plus who knew it was such a resource-intensive process?! All that water :/ This is why I think we need a loose leaf revolution! Share with a tea-from-a-teabag drinker that you know and see what they think!

Posted by Treading My Own Path on Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Grind your own beans – when our pod machine bit the dust we moved back to beans, take the plunge today!


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