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Thomas Gorman – Member Profile

Who are you? 

I arrived in Geraldton 3 years ago and promptly was impressed with how dynamic this region is. I love connecting with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests, as I find it a great opportunity to learn and share.

What are you working on? 

I am developing a consultancy business that helps other businesses develop so they can meet the challenges of an ever changing environment. I work within businesses with key staff and managers to help them identify opportunities for growth and improving areas of weaknesses.

Who do you collaborate with? 

I collaborate with business owners and key managers that are interested in reengineering their businesses in order to improve profits, cashflow and reducing wastage.

Is there an innovation you’re loving right now? 

While it’s challenging, I love to see how businesses respond to digital disruption, and the opportunities it throws at them. I also love the dynamic nature of Geraldton’s business and cultural environment – it is constantly producing interesting and inspiring people and ideas.

Is there a time when you are most creative?

While there isn’t a specific time, I love challenging environments as they focus your attention on developing responses.

If you need to improve profits and cashflow, and reduce rework, then ring Tom Gorman on 0418 50 2214 or visit the Beacon Business Growth Solutions Website.

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