City Art Map Geraldton – Venture Profile

What is this venture?

Creating an art map for the city, with details of all the existing (and soon to be created) public art, art galleries/museum locations, and other art related places (like art suppliers), as well as a list of artist studio contact details.

The proposal is to create an art map brochure as a product that delivers information to make public art works, street art, art institutions and commercial art supplies outlets easily accessible. The art map brochure will require research, writing, designing, printing, and publicity marketing. An initial city art walk tour following the trail of sites listed will be organized as an event. The connected art map project products for later development: a webpage site, postcards for sale.

What’s inspired this work?

Walking and looking at art are interesting ways to engage with a city. Maps show a route through a town that informs and lures people to go places. How to map Geraldton by its art? This is an interesting and creative challenge for a social engagement project. This venture wants to playfully track artworks in the CBD. The inspiration comes from having been asked directions on several occasions while sitting in the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.

What’s your focus in this venture for the next three months?

Aim: research & create a pictorial art map for the city.

  • February: groundwork investigation of public art in the city, walking around the CBD, looking at art, reading about it, and talking with local people to formulate a fun way to map the city via art.
  • March: material will be collected and organised into sample themes. Further discussions with stakeholders will take place. Artists will be contacted and a final selection of representative work will occur, with new photographs taken of 25 examples, for designing and formatting the map.
  • April: collaboration between researcher, artists, photographer, and layout designer to design a high-quality, high-impact public art map to stage Geraldton as an art town.

 How can people connect or contribute to this venture’s success?

Can you contribute to the project?

Do you have ideas that you would like to communicate?

Do you want to attend talks, the launch or go on a walking tour when the map is complete?

Can you offer time & or sponsorship to support the design, distribution of publicity, and / or the launch of the project?

Contact Pollinators / CAMG coordinator via email: Subject heading ‘CAMG project’ and a word signifying your focus.


What is street art walk?

FORM PUBLIC 2015 Artwork Location Maps Web


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