Featured member: James Thompson

We regularly interview, feature and promote our members. This time we’re learning more about James Thompson.

Bringing people together is what motivates James Thompson to create live music and community events.

James joined Pollinators recently to offer and seek support from the growing community of social entrepreneurs. He is a music promoter and a driver behind a number of successful local community projects including the annual Nukara Music Festival and the Running of the Sheep. James is also a freelance photographer, he runs a gardening maintenance business and is Technical Officer at the Geraldton Museum.

Upon arriving in Geraldton in the mid nineties James was struck by the local beauty but found, along with many of the friends he made here, that culturally there was not a lot happening.

“I happened to come across a band at Breakers once and they were awesome, but there were only half a dozen people there and that was us,” he said.

“So I said I’ll help you out next time you come through, I’ll get you a gig and stick up all your posters and stuff like that and it grew from there. WA event promoters heard about me and started sending up bands and it just went crazy.”

James gets a buzz out of bringing the community together to have a good time. “You don’t get a lot of opportunities to get people away from their living rooms and televisions and get people together,” he said.

The Nukara Music Festival is now James main annual live music event. He attracts and promotes quality acts from across Australia for the festival and tickets regularly sell out well before the gates open.

The 2012 Festival is planned for the 17th of March. The line up will feature Celtic punk band the Go Set as well as Mick Thomas and Squeeze Box Wally formally of Weddings Parties Anything.

James’ Favourite Quote: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius (Well not quite that true all of the time)


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