Sylvia Vella

Sylvia Vella – Coworker Profile

What is your venture? 

I have a freelance design agency, known as Bee Box Marketing… websites, graphics, photography and video.

I mostly work for small businesses because I get it. I’ve marketed and managed successful businesses in Geraldton for the past 15 years across many industries.

What’s inspired your work?

I’m inspired by the uniqueness of the people I meet. I want to help them represent their businesses as a reflection of who they are and communicate their passion. We are all visual creatures who appreciate when something is well-designed and communicated clearly.

What’s your focus for the next 3 months?

I’ll be creating some excellent work for my current clients and getting my own promotional material into shape.

How can people connect or contribute to your venture’s success?

Be open to the idea that each business needs to create content to remain current. That takes time and skill which you, as a business owner may not have. Have the courage to outsource it and consider the evolution of your business. Send me a message ( and let’s make you and your business look awesome!


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