Jackson M. Canny – CityHive Host

Who are you? 

My name is Jackson M. Canny, I am a graphic designer, comedian, video editor, and the
2018 Pollinators CityHive host.

What are you working on? 

Currently I am working on improving my skills as CityHive host, working on my solo standup-
comedy, and comedy shows such as Smells Like Meme Spirit and Vanilla Chocolate Swirl. I am also working on getting the Pollinators Podcasts up and running for the Hear Me Out Geraldton website.

Who do you collaborate with? 

I mostly collaborate on ventures with local artists and performers, mainly Julian Canny, Tye Taylor, and Joseph Tanti of Euphorium Creative

Is there a time when you are most creative? 

I am the most creative the night before something is due, as I will find the quickest and most efficient way to do something, and it will actually get done.


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