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Featured Member: Julian Canny

In this article we meet Julian Canny from The Comedy Emporium.

Julian Canny loves to make people laugh – and that was where it all began. Born in Geraldton and visiting regularly throughout his childhood, he settled in Kargoolie where he part-owned a comedy lounge, which developed into a thriving Commercial Arts business that helped change the social fabric of the community. And now? He wants to do the same thing in Geraldton. With an aim to bring laughter to our City, The Comedy Emporium was created – and they’re aiming to focus on local people to create a comedy scene in Geraldton and regional WA.

Lets laugh and give something for Geraldton people to have ownership over and be proud of.’

His goal? To produce comedy shows locally in Geraldton whilst working on expanding into other regions, as well as locally running comedy workshops. In three years time he hopes to set up a whole network of Comedy Lounges and develop even more talent!

‘I am most proud of one singular thing; every year one of the comedians that have visited workshops have made it to the State Final of the Melbourne Comedy Festival Comedy RAW competition. These are local people who have jobs and no ambition to be comedians as a career, but for one moment they get to be something they fantasise about being when no one is watching.’

Julian also offers services of MCs and commercial comedians.

Don’t miss The Comedy Emporium’s Show in Geraldton on Friday May 3rd! Find out more information here.

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