Take Joy Seriously – Coworker Profile

Who are you?

A dynamic loving, curious newbie coming from Europe to start her journey to joy in Australia, the land of plenty!

What are you working on?

I am trying to become the best me… working as a Personal and Business Development Facilitator and Consultant for Take Joy Seriously.  Supporting people to evolve, clarify and transform their thoughts, ideas and emotions into actions and opportunities.  Inspiring self awareness with a calm mind, clear emotions and a confident spirit to find what brings you joy.

Who do you collaborate with?

New to the area, so I’m open to finding more people to collaborate with.  I’m hoping to find branding and marketing as well as sourcing new ideas and materials for producing products in the near future.

Is there an innovation you are loving right now?

I loved the innovation of wicking baskets that had been developed to create more sustainable gardens – Pollinators member Stan Maley shared this invention with us at the February Networking Lunch. I would love to see it be developed on a larger scale and for the home market.

Is there a time when you are most creative?

When I wake up and in the shower!


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