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Geraldton Fringe Festival Attracts Thousands

Who knew that what started out as just a small idea by two Geraldton locals would grow into Geraldton’s largest performing arts festival?

Funtavia Festival Producers (and Pollinators Coworkers) Jodi Reilly and Julian Canny stood back in awe on Saturday night as the 2,400th patron walked through the Funtavia gates to experience Geraldton’s Fringe World Festival Hub.

“It’s crazy to think Funtavia was little more than just a dream three years ago,” Reilly said.

Pollinators CityHive Host Jackson Canny doing stand-up comedy at Funtavia

This year the festival played host to 15 shows and brought together more than 60 local, national and international performers of comedy, music, theatre and cabaret over three nights.

Funtavia sold more than 1,700 tickets over the weekend, proving that Geraldton lapped up the opportunity to escape the everyday and experience something new and fun at the festival.

Reilly said, “Funtavia is now beginning to mean something special to the community of Geraldton.”

“So many people came out to experience all the entertainment and fun that the grassroot Festival offers.”

The festival also gives local artist the opportunity to perform alongside national and international Fringe World Festival acts.

Canny said, “The support for our local shows was insane and showed an enthusiasm to invest locally in our own ability to develop our voice as a region.”

“This year more than 70 per cent of Funtavia performers were local – something we are extremely proud of.”

Funtavia Festival will return in early 2019 and promises to continue to bring Geraldton spectacular, new and exciting entertainment.

This media release was written by Pollinators Coworker and Funtavia Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator, Kym Jefferies.


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