codie & hayley

Mid West Venture Soars to New Heights

Learn how an Instrumentation Electrician from Dampier, Western Australia made his venture dream a reality…

Codie developed a passion for home-made brew 13 years ago and often thought about leaving his work to pursue his dream of owning a rum distillery in the Mid West. After visiting a distillery in New Zealand and receiving some much-needed guidance from a friendly business man, Codie had the push he needed to start pursuing his venture. With Hayley by his side, Codie left his job and put all his money into developing his dream.

“Like we always say, you could spend 60 years working in a job that you absolutely hate. It’s a long time to be doing something you don’t like but it’s also hard to quit and leave everything behind” Said Codie.

Since starting Illegal Tender Rum Co. Hayley and Codie have achieved a lot, including being finalists for the 2017 Australia Post Regional Pitchfest. It is amazing to have a finalist so close to home and hopefully their story will inspire more locals in the Mid West to also pursue their ventures.

“You need to remember when you are pitching to an investor, it is not a parent-child relationship. You’ve got the idea. Don’t think they own you just because they have the money. You can still walk away and don’t ever go with the first one you see” Said Hayley.

What are your top tips for other entrepreneurs just starting out, trying to make their idea/startup successful?

  1. Research as much as you can: Even If it feels like you’re sitting down doing nothing all day, read the internet, books – it’s all worth it.
  2. Stay organised!
  3. Get to know your competitors: Be aware of what your competition is doing so you can do it better.
  4. Personal development: Make sure you have a clear mindset and don’t give up!
  5. Celebrate the little things: Like choosing your first design or making your first sale.
  6. Customer service is so important: Make sure your customers have your back – give them respect and let them know how much work and effort you’re putting in for them.
  7. Trade mark everything: It costs next to nothing to trademark something and saves you so much hassle.
  8. Above all, be humble: “People will respect you and what you have achieved but they will never like you if you are not a nice person. It is the simplest, easiest thing that often gets overlooked” Said Codie.

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