Emma Bateman – Host Profile

Who are you?

I’m just a girl making every effort to adapt to the adult-run world I have worked so hard to reach.  I love to read fiction novels, as it offers an escape and adventure with every page and I am passionate about justice for those who cannot raise their own voice.

What are you working on?

I currently don’t have any physical projects in which I can pride myself, so instead, I have chosen to work on the parts of my personality that I would like to flourish. Vocabulary, initiative, and extroversion are parts of myself that I enjoy pushing further than I had once thought possible.

Who do you collaborate with?

As the Community Host here at CityHive I collaborate with everyone who waltzes through our bright yellow door, or graces my ears with their voice on the phone. I help in any way i possibly can with queries or guidance. I also have a lot to do with organising and assisting with bookings for any of our great spaces at Pollinators Inc.

Is there an innovation you’re loving right now?

I’ve not come across anything revolutionary of late, however, I will forever be impressed with the app Blackbox. It’s an interactive puzzle game that includes thing like battery percentage, height over land, sound and even time in order to unlock a “light” and complete the puzzle. It’s seriously addicting!

Is there a time when you are most creative?

My best ideas tend to happen at night, usually late, when my mind likes to relax. The ideas seem to flow and if I don’t write them down I tend to forget them extremely fast. That’s why I like to always keep a pen and paper around me, as it has become habitual to write down every little thing that I may need to remember.

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