Pollinators Social Enterprise Bar

Social Enterprise Bar Earns Cash and Livens up Laneways

Pollinators’ first ever social enterprise bar has raked in the cash to support social innovation and enlivened the CityHive laneway with colour, laughter and sound.

Held as part of the ‘The Night Before’ celebrations, on Friday before Triple J’s One Night Stand, the bar earned over $3500, which will go towards development of Pollinator’s new CreativeHub, opposite Pollinator’s CityHive laneway on Marine Terrace.

Pollinators Space Lead Angie West said the bar was Pollinators’ first attempt at raising money through drink sales.

She said it was not only a great success in terms of revenue raising, but also made for an excellent night out and fostered a sense of great community, with more than 500 people accessing the laneway next to Pollinators to visit the bar, enjoy street food from the Burnt Barrel, Jaffle Shack and Fleur Tea Rooms, and listen to music.

“It was a great way to enliven our city streets and show off how much Geraldton has to offer to the many people who came to town for the One Night Stand,” Mrs West said.

“It started as a real family friendly affair – with kids dancing to the music in their own little mosh pit and having their faces painted. Then, as the evening progressed, we attracted a more adult crowd with this really great vibe and supportive atmosphere.”

The bar was staffed by Pollinators board members and Pollinators members, who volunteered their time.

Given the success of the venture, Mrs West said Pollinators planned to conduct similar fundraisers in conjunction with other major events in Geraldton.

She said such ventures raised vital funds to enable Pollinators to continue its mission of supporting healthy resilient communities by offering meeting spaces to community groups for free.

Last year alone Pollinators provided more than $5000 of meeting space to Mid West community groups free of charge.For more information on accessing Pollinators’ coworking and meeting spaces please contact Angie West on 0427381583

The Pollinators Social Enterprise Bar was sponsored thanks to politicians Paul Brown, Ian Blayney and Lara Dalton.

Media information: For more information please contact Pollinators space lead Angie West on 0427381583

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