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Gaby Bracks – Coworker Profile

What is your venture?

I have started working for myself as a lawyer, practising in the areas of commercial law and wills and estates. I worked for many years in commercial litigation where I saw the difficulties and heartache that can arise when things turn pear-shaped from not having good agreements  or structures in place. I am passionate about helping businesses and individuals set up their affairs in a clear and comprehensive way with the aim of achieving their goals and avoiding disputes and difficulties down the track.

What inspired your work?

I worked in law firms for 15 years and then became a director of local start-up business Hit Nitz 4 6, where I also acted as legal counsel. After the wild ride that is a start-up business, we sold Hit Nitz 4 6 and  I did some tutoring in contract law at GUC and some project management work at Pollinators. The experience I gained from all of these things, together with the advent of various technologies that make working as a sole practitioner a lot easier than it once was,  led me to start my own legal practice.

What’s your focus for the next 3 months?

My focus for the next 3 months is to build up really good precedents and processes to improve my efficiency, and to get a  website up and running so I can be found online!

How can people connect or contribute to your venture’s success?

I would love to have a chat to you if you think I might be able to help with any commercial law matters  or wills and estate planning. I can be contacted at or on 0400 974 053.


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