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Pollinators plans to lead regional innovation for years to come

Pollinators is welcoming Mid West residents to join it in its push to ensure the region is at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The incorporated social enterprise is conducting its Annual General Meeting at 5pm on Friday April 29, at which it will unveil plans to guide the region to become a national leader in innovation.

Pollinators board Chairperson, Paul Dyer, said the organisation was set to capitalise on the government’s new focus on innovation, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

“Supporting and promoting innovation in this region has been part of our core business for over five years,” Mr Dyer said, “In many ways Pollinators were ahead of our time.”

He welcomed anyone who wanted to be part of the movement to join Pollinators in discussing the way forward.

“It may be five years later than we would have preferred, but government and industry have awoken from their focus on the ‘boom’ and mining royalties, and is realising the greater economic and social returns are going to come from investing in a greater diversity to innovations, entrepreneurs and ventures,” Mr Dyer said.

“Pollinators is poised to take advantage of that focus and ensure the Mid West leads the nation in nurturing and supporting regional innovators and enterprises at all stages of growth. that will build a sustainable future for our region.”

At the AGM, Pollinators will table its five-year strategic business plan to members, which outlines how Pollinators will achieve its vision of Geraldton being a globally recognised as a sustainable community by 2020 and its mission of nurturing people and innovations that enable healthy, resilient communities.

It will also present the Mid West Innovation Strategy Agenda document, developed by Pollinators in partnership with the Mid West Development Commission.

The Innovation Strategy, to be implemented over coming months, will provide a blueprint for how the Mid West region intends to support innovation right from arts to fishing, and from startup competitions to corporate restructures.

Mr Dyer said the current focus on innovation spelled exciting times for Pollinators, its members and the region in general.

“We’ve always been about supporting new enterprise and sustainable development but now that the government is also on board, we have greater capacity to bring about real and lasting positive change,” he said.

“It’s an exciting time for both our economy and the creative minds who are continually working and striving to find new and better ways of moving forward.”

The AGM will be held at Pollinators’ CityHive premises, at 184 Marine Terrace at 5pm, Friday April 29.

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