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Featured Member: Paul Sheriff

We regularly interview, feature and promote Pollinators members. This time we meet Paul Sheriff.

In his beginnings as a self confessed middle class smart kid Paul has seen and experienced a lot. Along with his hippy lifestyle, he marched against Vietnam war and after an extended period of studying at university finally gained his degree

“I worked as a chainman 4WD, bushie, axes, chainsaw, lived and worked on the Hawkesbury River for a period of time.

Paul decided to migrate to Western Australia twenty years ago and undertook further studies which would see him gain higher computer skills and knowledge.

“Somehow I fell into local government and stayed there until recently.”

So why and how did Paul end up at Pollinators? He says it was the concept that attracted him.

“The name blew me out and this earth needs balance to the rapacious greed which drives economic growth. Apart from that I kinda like Andrew who needs support of men good and true (and women).”

Paul is passionate about being alive, caring for country, small footprint, building collaborative frameworks, people power, food, drink, music, people, ping pong. He says but not necessarily in that order.

Paul has decided to take on a new challenge and will soon be moving to Kalgoorlie.

“I am going to Kalgoorlie as Manager of Information Services for the City. I love working in teams, building and mentoring. I am a bit disruptive and I don’t mind working from the inside to assert that balance.

“Bean counters can sometimes be too dry and overlook the fact that successful community needs more than bread to sustain.

“It’s funny I am really a long way from fixing PCs these days. I consult on business and direction, getting ready for the future with ubiquitous broadband. There are so many different areas mobility, video, social media, cloud computing, data centres – all good fun.

We are thinking Paul may miss Geraldton a bit when he shares his typical day with us

“Oh yes, catch a wave at Glennies on my booga, have a couple of beers, maybe a set or 2 of table tennis, then cook a fantastic dinner using local fish (mullet for sure) or maybe some of that Galabundi goat from the markets and great local virgin olive oil (from markets of course).


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  1. Rose Holdaway October 20, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    Best so far, love it! Paul will be missed!

  2. Kate Najar October 20, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    See you Paul, all the best for your new adventures 🙂 hope to run into you again one day!

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