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Innovators pitch at GeroSoup

Two Geraldton innovators pitched vastly different ideas – supporting original comedy acts and creating a tradeable bank of Geraldton volunteers – at Pollinators’ GeroSoup event on Friday.

Held every three months, GeroSoup is designed for anyone with an idea to pitch to an audience to gain feedback and money to support the idea’s development.

At Friday’s GeroSoup, The Comedy Emporium ringmaster Julian Canny presented his vision of developing opportunity for the creation of three original comedy acts in Geraldton, to be performed locally and further afield.

At The Comedy Emporium we see performers reach a ceiling of opportunity to create work while living in regional WA which them forces them to move to metro centres to access producers and support workers,” Mr Canny said.

We want to challenge the status quo and create three opportunities to produce three original works here in Geraldton.

“These works would be then encouraged to perform in Geraldton while also touring externally from Geraldton to the festival circuits and reach an international audience without having to move to Perth.”

Jaffle Shack and Fleur Tea Rooms owner Christian Watters pitched the idea of developing ‘Geraldton Volunteer Credits’ to enable volunteers to track the hours they volunteer and exchange them as ‘credits’ with other volunteers.

In pitching his idea, Mr Watters used the example of someone who volunteered at Red Cross having their volunteer hours recorded in a central database, and then being rewarded by another volunteer who could offer a service he or she required, and then that volunteer then receiving volunteer help in an area in which they sought help, and so on.

“For too long people who undertake volunteer work have not been rewarded for their efforts,” Mr Watters said.

“In today’s society money seems to be the only currency and the Geraldton Volunteer Credit is all about changing that.”

Pollinators members are invited to collaborate and contribute to the venture via Podio here.


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