Unveiling a plan for innovation

Pollinators has unveiled its plan to make the region a national leader in innovation.

Pollinators Chairman Paul Dyer launched the Pollinators’ Five-Year Strategic Business Plan at the Pollinators AGM on Friday.

Mr Dyer said the rise in startup enterprises spelled exciting times for Pollinators and its mission to nurture healthy, resilient communities.

“Startup enterprises soared by 235 per cent in WA in the past two years, which means there are exciting times ahead,” Mr Dyer said.

Pollinators is ideally placed to play a key role in assisting startup growth in regional WA.”

The plan outlines a whole raft of goals under the headings community, space, learning and sustainability.

Under Community, Pollinators plans to consciously target people and organisations that align with Pollinators’ values. It also plans to lead collaborative partnerships for achieving social or community goals and attract experts, innovators and entrepreneurs to visit, learn, teach, work and live in the Mid West.

Under Space, it aims to provide multiple physical locations where people work, meet and collaborate, and where intellectual, emotional, social and commercial connections are nurtured – something that is already fast expanding at its CityHive and newly developed “CreativeHub” locations in Marine Terrace.

Under Learning, Pollinators seeks to provide different learning opportunities that challenge and extend individuals and organisations and help them to flourish in their ventures.

And under Sustainability, Pollinators aims to build and role-model resilience and ecologically responsibility by operating within its financial and ecological means.

The AGM also included the re-election of all incumbent board members and the presentation of Pollinators’ financials.

Pollinators Community Facilitator Margie Robinson said it was fantastic to see members turn up for a night of lively discussion at the AGM, which also included the latest GeroSoup pitches.

We covered everything from strategic planning, to pitches for new ventures, to enjoying some tasty soup,” Ms Robinson said.

It was great to see members here to support our vision and collaborate to work with us to make the Mid West a national leader in innovation.”


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