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Fleur Porter – Coworker Profile

What is your venture?

I am a purpose coach – which is like a life coach but focused on purpose.

So what do I do? I coach people to find their purpose and craft it into something that’s woven from all things they ALREADY KNOW that live inside them. If it’s a business, we’ll craft a business. If it’s writing, we’ll craft a way to get the book out. If it’s confidence, we’ll find it, or at least we’ll blow up the bullshit that stops you from having it. That kind of stuff.

I created this amazing program called the “8-week Incubator.” It’s about incubating people with a purpose. It involves some one-on-one coaching but also group stuff and everything else in-between.

What’s inspired your work?

It took me forever to actually be able to say I am a life coach. I think for a bit I thought to be a good life coach perhaps I needed to have a perfect life. Or at least the semblance of one. So that held me up for a few years while my life blew apart spectacularly.

Once I got over this, I realised I just needed to have a life (as in be alive), some life experiences, some education (doesn’t have to be formal, but is connected to life experiences as per previous point) and to really care about people and have a desire to help them get what they want. And to know that all people are not like me. And to know that all people are just like me. That what we share is human-ness, our humanity.

I then worked with lots of people and realised that many of them were searching for something. They came on the pretext of a relationship, career or unhappiness but really they all wanted something that at first, I didn’t realise was what I had always wanted and searched for. Meaning. Purpose. The point. That for me I was worried that maybe it all meant nothing. And then what would I do?

I was always good at being incredibly busy. But not always doing the right stuff. The stuff that made my heart and soul sing. The stuff that helped other people find their purpose or gift or magic in the world, so they could do more of that and their hearts and souls could sing too.

So. I decided to focus on purpose. Or magic. Or whatever it is you want to call it. For the people who want more, but have just never been able to find the time or the focus to put their finger on what exactly that is, or how exactly they can do it. I’m down with saying purpose coach. Not sure I can call myself a magic coach yet. But we’ll just go with it.

What is your focus for the next three months?

I’m writing a book. About a pathway to purpose (I think). We’ll see how it comes out.

My 11th Incubator Flock starts Incubating again in early May, which is 8 weeks of goodness.

Annnnd, I created a new program called The Gap Year Intensive – A 12 week program to support newly single women through that hideous part of soul-destroying break-up. So they don’t jump back on the horse too soon with a differently dressed version of the same guy (horse). The next round of this will launch soon.

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