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Blue City Mediations – Coworker Profile

What is your venture?

My mission is to assist individuals or organisations with conflict resolution primarily through a process of Mediation or through targeted training.  I am trained as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Nationally Accredited Mediator. My market for the Family Law Mediation side of my business is individuals who have separated and need assistance with their financial settlement or making arrangements for the children.  I facilitate a joint conversation so that the conflict can be discussed directly in a cost effective, timely manner. My market for Workplace Relations Mediations is any workplace where Employees, Partners or Board Members are experiencing interpersonal conflict, bullying, discrimination or the misconduct of another.

What’s inspired your work?

Working as a solicitor and perceiving the inadequacies of adversarial methods of dispute resolution, collaboration in conflict resolution is much more progressive. I am inspired by seeing how amazing my clients are when they are given the opportunity to discover solutions to the conflict they are experiencing, rather than having others dictate a solution.

What’s your focus for the next three months?

Becoming an expert in Mediation of Post Separation Property/ Financial Matters Mediations. Marketing specifically for clients who need assistance with resolving Post Separation Property/ Financial Matters

How can people connect or contribute to your venture’s success?

If people know people who are struggling after a separation or struggling with a situation in a workplace, encourage them to call me and I will happily explain the process of mediation to them. Ask them to have a look at my facebook site;

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