New Membership Options And Even More Affordable Coworking

Pollinators 2015 AGM

Pollinators has made changes to its services and pricing that will benefit members and enable the organisations sustainability. These changes are aligned with:

  • Pollinators 2015-2020 Strategy, especially regarding catering for a diversity of needs, ensuring core services are financially sustainable and adding more options for digital delivery and participation from other regions in WA.
  • Independent and in-house evaluations and surveys, especially the most recent Member Engagement Report that highlighted which services and programs were most valued, and where there was need for improvement.
  • Maintaining the growth or our reach and impact in achieving the mission, while also operating as a model social enterprise with high levels of member and staff satisfaction.

Sincere thanks to all those members who contributed to developing these changes. The changes are all now ‘live’ and we are already seeing improvements in member and coworker experience, and staff ability to provide good service.

There will be a transition for members from old to new membership levels, and the Board has adopted a policy to guide this (viewable in the “Podio” online collaboration space. Members will receive specific communication about these changes as they comes into effect.


  • Increase in the range of options, from Associates to Corporates, from $99/yr to $440/yr,
  • Clarified the different benefits for individuals, and those joining for business as sole traders,
  • Clarifications and changes regarding member access to CityHive coworking space,
  • Significantly streamlined membership application process,
  • Complete overhaul of the accessibility of online collaboration spaces, website and apps.



  • A real reduction in cost to make coworking even more affordable for regular users,
  • Streamlined application and payment, and choice to pay: monthly, quarterly, annually,
  • Clarification about inclusion of free membership for those that subscribe annually,
  • Easier check-in, booking, management for meeting and coworking via web and apps,
  • Changes and simplification of meeting space pricing.

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