emily currey

Health & World Being – Venture Profile

What is your venture?

I provide ‘real food’ drink pastes to cafes owners and managers. They turn my product into ready to drink, healthy (and very tasty) alternatives to the sugar loaded chai and turmeric lattes previously available.

What inspired your work?

Spices and herbs alike are loaded with nutrients and when used well can make a culinary experience SO much more enjoyable!! This was my first inspiration. So i found myself at the local market offering some of my favourite blends to the public. Customer demand was what got me creating a product that could be made in any cafe, instantly, with all the quality and flavour that my current drink had. Sticky Blends had begun…

What’s your focus for the next 3 months?

Over the next 3 months, I aim to create 2-3 more drink paste options and offer these products in retail stores for individual sale.

How can people connect or contribute to your venture’s success?

Try my drinks, spread the word, provide me with feedback – Steeped Leaf Herbs will soon be known as Health and World Being. Turmeric and Masala Chai is currently available at the Jaffle Shack (remember to specify that you want a Sticky Blends drink).

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