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Featured Member: Marcel Delfino

We regularly interview, feature and promote Pollinators members. This time we’re learning more about  Marcel Delfino.

Using technology to solve problems and demystifying the online process for small business and community groups is Marcel Delfino’s focus.

Marcel is the owner of Webtechnology Australia, a father and one of the helpful hosts at the Pollinators co-working space – City Hive.

After working independently, mostly from home, for around fifteen years Marcel says he now enjoys the collaboration element of Pollinators while CityHive is a useful space for creating work life balance.

It puts me in a, I’m at work mind set. The first day I worked here I got more done than I would in a week at home,” he said.

I leave my computer here so when I get home I’m home there is no work. That means I can be present for my family.

Marcel has seen lots of developments in the world of computing since starting his Bachelor of Computer science at the University of Newcastle in 1988.

I didn’t even own a computer when I first started at university. The university only had a couple of rooms with a few unix terminals connected to a big mainframe rather than PCs as we know them today,” he said.

Originally Marcel provided a variety of information technology services including technical support, repair and advice. But when the long distance relationship with his current partner kindled in 2008, Marcel found himself travelling a lot. As a result he began to focus on the web development side of his business due to its portability, finally settling in Geraldton permanently in 2011.

Webtechnology Australia currently provides website hosting, development, and management. Marcel is proud to help not for profit organisations with a sliding scale for fees and offers a transparent process that enables clients to be in charge of their own web presence with or without his help.

Some of people in this industry like to baffle people with bullshit and the client thinks it all sounds technical and therefore it must be necessary so ‘oh well we better pay for that’. I am not like that, I like to explain to people what they are paying for.” he said.

Marcel is currently working on an idea to collaborate with other professionals to establish a not for profit technology co-operative. The organisation would deliver high quality products and services, generate employment and reinvest profit back into the community and do pro-bono work for selected clients.

To see more of Marcel’s work or contact him go to

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