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‘Honey Highlights’ for Pollinators in 2018

Every year is a “bizzy” one for Pollinators but as time rolls on, we seem to take on more projects, hold more events and grow our Pollinators community.

There were many highlights for 2018, one being that Pollinators secured a state government and Lotterywest grant for CreativeHub amenities. CreativeHub continues to edge closer in becoming a creative space for arts, youth and culture in our community.

Pollinators ran a whopping 40 community events this year, from Lunchtime Labs to training workshops, from social meetups to community swarms. A huge shout out to everyone who attended a Pollinators event this year!

As always, our annual GeroSoup event was definitely a highlight as it brings out unique community projects in need of support. We managed to raise a total of $710 for local projects in just one night, which has allowed these projects to progress significantly. One being Dance for a Difference who are currently planning their next event for Funtavia 2019, and the other being a Botanical Garden at Maitland Park For more info>

During 2018, Pollinators have supported 10 new local ventures who have accessed our space and learning programs to get their business up and running.

Pollinators also supported Scinapse in organising another awesome Goodness Festival (with 26 individual science events) during National Science Week.

We have added two, bright young staff members to our Pollinators team – CityHive Host, Minna Hilton and Learning Lead, Emma Jackson.

What is in the works for 2019/what are organisation’s hopes for 2019?  

Pollinators hope to continue to support local ventures and community groups in 2019, and follow our mission to “Nurture innovations and people that enable healthy, resilient communities”.

We aim to be successful in securing federal funding to establish WA’s first Regional Tourism Incubator for local startups, and we plan to run just as many, if not more events for our members, coworkers and the wider community.

Pollinators exists to nurture people and innovations that enable healthy, resilient communities. Our services, programs and events deliver outcomes for the individuals, their ventures, and our wider community, ensuring we are all #winning. Membership is open to innovators, entrepreneurs and organisations who share our values: being connected, collaborative and creative.

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