CityHive Welcomes Global Beach Ambassador

Global Ambassador, a renowned beach reviewer, and advocate for special projects: Brad Farmer held a Q&A session in CityHive this week regarding ways to enhance a positive profile for Geraldton.

“Brad has spent a lifetime exploring and protecting the world’s best beaches. After growing up on Queensland’s Gold Coast, he co-wrote the best seller and first Surfing Guide to Australia in 1985.”

Global Beach Ambassador, Brad Farmer

“A pioneer advocate for coastal preservation, he founded Ocean Care Day, the Surfrider Foundation, and the award-winning National, Regional and World Surfing Reserves movements. He has written about beaches for over 30 years, and has been to every accessible beach in Australia. A Global Beach Ambassador for Tourism Australia, he has called many an Australian beach home.”

Brad Farmer has visited 11,761 beaches in total and has fallen in love with Geraldton during the small time he has been here.

Hot Topics of Conversation

Coastal and Marine Project Officer for NACC, Vanessa McGuiness said: “Having a welcome sign as you come into Geraldton was a hot topic of the night which we all agreed would reel in tourists to stay in the town and not just pass by.”

Brad believes the current ‘Welcome to Geraldton’ signage is very deterring for visitors as they focus more on ‘burglars beware’ rather than showcasing Geraldton’s biggest assets.

Brad says; “First impressions make a lasting impact,” so it is imperative we change the signage to and from Geraldton as soon as possible so we welcome visitors to our great town instead of scaring them off.

It was also stated that we need a consistent theme with regards to marketing Geraldton. Many believe tourism is the answer to all of Geraldton’s problems. There are so many tourist activities to do in Geraldton but little to no marketing of these, resulting in minimal people finding out how awesome Geraldton actually is!

One great idea to help promote activities in Geraldton would be to create a ‘passport’ with a map of activities 1 – 10 (for example) in a small booklet, including some vouchers for local places. This is a pretty simple solution to letting visitors know what they can do in and around Geraldton.

Concluding Thoughts

Brad thought there were many great ideas brought up at this event but stated there needs to be a body or focus group to drive them.

“It was a welcoming experience to engage with such an ideas-rich and enthusiastic bunch, who love their coastal city and hold such vision for its future,” said Brad.

Brad also emphasised how the younger generations are the visionaries, so we need to get them on board if we are going to make an everlasting change.

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“As a new resident in Geraldton, I have fallen in love with this town and the people in it, and don’t understand why more people don’t move here! All of my friends and family who have visited me here had negative misconceptions about the town to begin with but at the end of their visit couldn’t wait to return,” said Pollinators Community Lead, Kirsty Kipling.

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