The Coworking Concept – is it for you?

So, what is coworking? Well, it is the innovative practice of working in a shared environment, as opposed to working alone at home.

And why would you want to work in a shared environment, you may question? Because of all of the benefits of course!

In a coworking space, you are open to a vast network of entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers (amongst other types). Here you can make connections, and work collaboratively to achieve personal and shared aspirations. The availability of this network makes it easier (and more interesting!) to get from A to B, and to actually turn big ideas into real life ventures.

You are also exposed to the buzzing atmosphere, where everyone around you is hard at work – inspiring you to also work hard! But if you’re not convinced, there’s also the reasoning that it’s a much more fun and vibrant environment compared to a stock-standard, single desk cubicle in a barren office space, hence enticing you to work because of the simple fact that you enjoy it.

Don’t forget about the fact that others surround you, thus decreasing your feelings of isolation (as you might feel when home alone, dressed in your pyjamas on the couch, avoiding work). According to the 2017 Global Coworking Survey, coworkers talk with 5.2 other coworkers per day, and 56% say most other coworkers know their first name.

While others are constantly around you, your sense of community and trust are also strengthened. A sense of community is important for daily life, and simply the knowledge that you are not alone – there are others working to get a business off of the ground.

And then if your business doesn’t get off of the ground, you don’t have to give up! Coworking in a shared environment, and making meaningful connections can open up your possibilities in countless ways. You could provide important aspects to someone else’s business, or even connect and collaborate on a completely new project, but with someone who also coworks.

But coworking isn’t just about the social benefits and opportunities, it’s also an economical cost-saving concept.

Working in a shared environment, means that you are sharing the common costs of overheads within an office space – which essentially means working at a low rate. Not only are you working at low rates, but also you are still working within a high-quality, professional and, usually, fully-serviced workspace.

So now that you know of all of the amazing benefits of coworking, where can you sign up?

CityHive is one of the first regional coworking spaces in Australia, and it’s right here in Geraldton. Along with the vibrant and funky space to cowork in, there are also meeting rooms available for hire, and office studios for longer-term lease.

And here’s our offer for the New Year: 50% OFF coworking in January 2017 ONLY. So, come into CityHive, or call, and speak to one of our Hosts for the very special coupon code!

CityHive is here to support your business or venture soar in 2017.


Contact CityHive Hosts on 9965 5371 or 

Or sign up as a coworker online and use the discount code: HALFPRICEJAN

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