Members meet up revamp

A group of Pollinators members met at CityHive this month to plan revamped member morning meetups.

After working through a brainstorming session in which we considered our needs, desires, aversions and criteria for success, we came up with a series of options that would make meetups great.

As a result of this and a survey of members, we have moved morning meet ups to lunchtime – the first Wednesday of every month from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

We’ll be offering an option to buy a $10 lunch (or just bring your own). And each month we’ll have a mix of networking, while also tackling a discussion topic, similar to a Lunchtime Lab (which will also continue to operate on an as needs basis).

Next month we’ll be looking at funding applications. More details to come. Thanks to those who helped plan the way forward.

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