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Carolyn Fox – Member Profile

1. What is your venture?

I’m a one Fox show. I assist small businesses in whatever administrative areas they need. I also offer consultations and advice around various aspects of administering a small business. This includes researching software, running recruitment processes, doing social media plans and posting, resume writing, personal assistant duties, production of graphics/logos and much more. I have designed e-books, written complaints to the telecommunication industry ombudsman plus designed office templates. I love the variety I get!

2. What’s inspired your work?

I’m mostly inspired by the amazing people (women) I work with. They have shown me that owning, running, operating and loving being a small business owner is something that I’m meant to do, even though I had never thought it was. I have worked for many years in legal and human resources fields and have seen many people working in jobs they don’t love – so now I’m doing work I love (plus gives me flexibility and variety) for people I love and admire too.

3. What’s your focus for the next 3 months?

I have been operating since January 2016 so my foxy business is still in it’s early stages. For the coming months I am assisting a business mentor/life coach client with a special presentation and travel plans, I’m also implementing a performance management process in a local small business (10 staff), plus beautifying documents for a small business woman who is running a six- week online course.

4. How can people connect or contribute to your venture’s success?

Follow me on Facebook where you can also read testimonials from my clients.

Check out the E-book I designed.

Email me your resume for me to fix, or your business templates

Call me to arrange a coffee 0422 010 070. I love coffee.

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