Catalyst – Taking ideas to live start up

Got a dream? Want to make it a reality?

Pollinators is launching a one-stop-shop to help people take their dream from idea to live start up.

The Catalyst pre-accelerator course give participants the kickstart they need to avoid becoming one of the 60 per cent of new businesses that fail in the first three years, while enabling them to craft their dream into a successful reality.

The course guides participants on how to create a solid foundation for their start-up, with six fortnightly full-day training and workshop sessions from September 29.

Suitable for all types of innovations, Catalyst helps participants to refine their vision, improve their business model, and deliver a plan and pitch to investors.

Catalyst facilitator Fleur Porter said the program was the ideal way to take action on a great idea.

She encouraged applications from anyone who needed a kickstart to transform their dream to reality.

“So many of us have great ideas for new ventures – whether it’s a new service we want to offer, a new business or a new community group,” Ms Porter said.

“Yet so few of us actually take the action to make it happen – mostly because we don’t know how and where to start or don’t have the support around us to encourage us to take the plunge.

“Catalyst is designed to help give people the best grounding to launch their new venture.

“It’s the most incredible feeling to launch something you’ve dreamed of doing and watch it not only survive but flourish.”

Catalyst leverages the expertise, experience and tools that enable growth and development.

Each fortnightly Catalyst session features guest presenters, mentors, peer action-learning discussions and allocated time for participants to immediately apply their learning to their venture.

This is all supported by an online platform for sharing questions, tips and tools.

Geraldton man Julian Canny completed Catalyst several years ago to launch his venture e The Comedy Emporium.

“Catalyst is one of those programs that will really push you,” he said.

“In a few months you’ll learn more about your venture doing Catalyst than you could in a few years without it.”

To find out more contact, call (08) 9965 5371, or apply online.

Catalyst investment is $1500.

Catalyst is in its fourth year, and in 2016, is sponsored by Regional Development Australia Mid West Gascoyne and Mid West Development Commission.


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