Mapping future for innovation hubs

A group of can-do Mid West collaborators are planning the future of innovation hubs and spaces in Geraldton.

The group of influencers, creatives, business leaders and entrepreneurs will meet at Pollinators’ CityHive on Friday September 16 to consider future physical spaces to enable innovation in our region.

Using CityHive coworking space as a case study, the group will consider what future innovation hubs could look like, what makes them work, and what benefits they can deliver.

Pollinators chairman Paul Dyer said it was a challenging yet exciting time for the future of innovation in the region.

“Pollinators piloted CityHive as a coworking and collaboration space to enable innovation in Geraldton,” Mr Dyer said.

“Now, after five years of operation as a predominantly self-sustaining social venture, we are reviewing the purpose, model and future of CityHive. It’s been fascinating and full of learning so far, and we’re committed to sharing those insights and continuing this open innovation process.”

Launching CityHive was Pollinators’ first significant social venture, and has been an integral part of its business model, with money earned from hiring coworking space re-invested into the Pollinators community and learning programs to help it achieve its social mission: to nurture people and innovations that enable healthy resilient communities.

Mr Dyer said the pilot program had experienced some great success.

“As well as its positive financial impact, CityHive’s social impact has been amazing: it is really ‘owned’ by the community, has been credited with significantly affecting Geraldton’s culture, increasing West End vibrancy, and incubating many high-impact initiatives,” Mr Dyer said.

“It’s a model that is now also being taken up by other organisations around the state to start their own spaces, such as Port Hedland, Mandurah, Albany and Newman.”

With lease for the coworking space due for renewal, as well as renewed attention on innovation, collaboration and provision of ‘hubs’, Pollinators is reviewing the role of CityHive.

“We’ll be doing what we always do: transparently, collaboratively, innovatively tackle challenges and opportunities in partnership with our community,” Mr Dyer said.

“As well as contributing to decision making about this specific space, this will be a unique learning opportunity for anyone interested in space, social enterprise or innovation.”

Participants will split into team to generate ideas for future innovation hubs, before narrowing the selection and pitching different options to members and guests.

The event is open to Pollinators members and invited guests. Register via Podio.

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