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Why coworking rocks

A testimonial from Kate Thompson, Blue City Mediations
Before I started community hosting I used to go into McDonalds, the Library, open my laptop in between the driver’s seat and the steering wheel hotspotting my mobile phone to get reception. Floating around town. 

I always felt a little bit unsure of how things worked at Pollinators. I knew how to book meeting rooms for Pre Mediation Conferences, Mediations, or Training Sessions. I turned up to a few Lunchtime Labs, a few Member Meetups. But I had never sat down to co-work.

When City Hive called out for Community Hosting I jumped. For me the value wasn’t the free co-working day as I had been paying for one day a month for a year and never used it. The value was finding a little role in this amazing, complex, beautifully simple organism of a workplace. I sank in.

After community hosting for a few weeks I realised what I can do in an hour sitting in this inspiring, innovative space. Now, if I find myself in town with an hour to spare, I lead myself through the big yellow door in the alleyway between Blue Heelers and the beach. 

I want this organisation to thrive and continue, so I am proud to be a community host on Fridays helping other people find their place here. 

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