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CityHive offers various innovative and vibrant meeting spaces for anyone to use!

CityHive offers fully serviced and professional meeting rooms, in three different sizes.

There is the Boardroom (also known as Amegilla), which is suitable for up to 15 people, and includes a desktop, projector, cold water and tea and coffee. The next size down is Meeting Room 2 (also known as Melliferra), which fits up to 10 attendees, and includes several whiteboards for planning. Meeting Room 3 (also known as Cerana) is commonly used as a counselling room, as it includes three arm chairs, a desk and two chairs. There is also the Ground Floor, which is ordinarily the open coworking area, but is more versatile than the meeting rooms upstairs. The space can be transformed into various styles such as workshop, meeting, or theatre style. All spaces are also airconditioned.

The meeting spaces are easily hireable. All meeting spaces can be booked online via the website, for members and public, or internally via Podio, for coworkers. Most bookings (except for Ground Floor) generate an automatic quote back. Our friendly Host is also always available to assist in making any booking exceptional for you and suiting your needs.

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