Alliance to lead action and strengthen representation across the region

It could read like the start of a great joke: “An artist, a businessman and a social entrepreneur walked into a bar….”, however while this newly-formed Alliance got off to a light-hearted start, it is a serious endeavour with significant implications for the future of the region.

This week the Midwest’s three leading representative organisations signed a new MoU that outlines key areas for collaboration, and recognises each organisations role in delivering social, economic and cultural outcomes. The Arts and Cultural Development Council (ACDC), Mid West Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MWCCI) and Pollinators Inc have formalised a set of shared objectives and a commitment to lead on action and strengthen representation.

ACDC Chairperson, Anthea Da Silva, said:

“While the conversations initially started around city centre vibrancy, it’s become much more. We really appreciate the significant and complementary value we each create for our members and the whole region. We’re all very stretched with our resources, and see how working together has the potential to lead to even better outcomes.”

Each organisation has its own distinct focus, vision, mission and membership base, however there were also many overlaps between creative industries, business and commercial interests, and social and environmental opportunities.

“All three organisations value each other’s integrity and contribution to the Midwest community. In developing the Memorandum of Understanding we’ve been able to get more clarity on each other’s positioning and priorities, and that sets the foundation for collaboration and better outcomes” said Rob Jefferies, CEO of MWCCI

He continued “Even in the first meeting there’s been value in sharing events, ideas and projects that are in the early stages, but that could be opportunities to work together, cross-promote or at least avoid clashes and competition”

Pollinators Chairperson Paul Dyer added:

“This could be a real win-win-win-win situation: this will be good for our organisations if we can feel more confident and supported by each other, it will good for our members that they will stronger more effective representation, our shared partners like local and state government will benefit, and ultimately the whole region will be better off for having three really dynamic leading organisations who are acting in concert to create a vibrant, just and sustainable community”.

Media contacts:

Rob Jefferies, MWCCI CEO 9964 6767

Anthea Da Dilva , ACDC 0409 202 401

Paul Dyer, Pollinators Chairperson 0431 947 549

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