Featured Member: Donna Heart

In this article we meet local artist Donna from Donna Heart.

Four years ago the wind blew Donna Heart to Geraldton and she’s loved living by the ocean since. In the past she’s been trained as a primary school teacher, an adult educator and Donna has even been an officer in the Australian Army – but her true life calling took almost forty years to find. Donna is an artist.

“I had always appreciated all forms and genres of art and enjoyed being creative through my schooling years but for some reason I never dared touch painting.  That seemed like the realm of ‘real’ artists”

Whilst going through a very difficult time in her life, the loss of her marriage, Donna started painting as way to lose herself in something creative and it soon became a healing process. With paint on her hands she found a new ability to  embrace possibility and see beauty and strength in her journey rather than brokenness and deficiency.

“I was going to write that I stumbled accidentally into painting, but really, there’s no accident to these things is there?  The universe knew it was my time. “

So how did a new found passion turn into a business?


After posting a few images of her work on her Facebook page, Donna quickly found that people adored her work and before she knew it people were asking to purchase her art!

“I was so surprised! People actually like the work of my heart – what a humbling and enabling time that was!  I was on a pension then, so I wanted to do it right.”

“And just like that, before I even had time to think too much about it, my brand and business Donna Heart began!”

In regards to working and living in Geraldton, Donna sees herself continuously surrounded by people who are passionate about making this town a place of truth and vision – a town filled with visionaries, dreamers and doers. She described the community like a sleeping bear which has just come out of hibernation!


When asked what people can do to begin to encourage more creativity in their lives, Donna responded;

“My advice?  Don’t wait any longer to do the thing that makes you dance!  I believe the world needs us all to become our truest selves.  Geraldton is starting to shine because there are people rising up all over the town who are realizing this and acting upon it. There are many reasons you might find to stop you – acknowledge them, then throw them out the window and dare to do the thing that scares you most!  Me personally? I’d rather jump in the ring and die trying, than wonder at the end of my life what I might have become had I dared to do it.  Just be brave, and take a step!”

Find out more about Donna and view her work on the official Donna Heart website and keep up-to-date with new artwork on the Facebook Page.

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