‘Pitch’ for Incubator feasability

Here is the brief ‘pitch’ for seed funding to get the Incubator one step closer to reality.

The funds would contribute to a feasability study for a social business incubator. Incubators are physical spaces where business start-up entrepreneurs can access support from professionals, peers, and investors, and have a physical location to base their business. The difference in this case is that the space and support would be specifically for those who are working on non-profit, socially and ecologically beneficial projects. In our canvassing of relevant agencies and organisations there is strong support for such a proposal, and a recognised need to legitimise and support socially-beneficial innovation and entrepreneurship. In order to access further support (in-kind, cash), prove the concept (based on existing models in Australia, US, and the UK) and take real steps towards an incubator space, a feasability study is required. This money would be used to match partner’s contributions and the pro-bono support from Pollinators Inc. to complete a proposal backed by a feasability study. The potential for positive impact of an incubator is enormous, as access to support and peers in a supportive environment is an oft-cited barrier to the growth of socially and ecologically-beneficial start-up businesses and projects.

Would you invest in this?


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