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For the love of Soil and Human Health

The following article is about one of our long-standing members, Amanda Rowland who has recently become a qualified Bodytalker. Here is her story…

Amanda has been writing about regenerative agricultural practices over many years and spent a good part of 2018 investigating soil health and the microbiome. She has been visiting and working with different farmers/growers and compost producers on the organic end of the scale to get an idea of what is happening across WA and Australia.

As she travelled, Amanda wrote about her experiences. When she met Lee at CityHive in Geraldton, she started to record these writings as podcasts under the title Wildfood from the Rangelands for his network show Hear Me Out Geraldton.

In early 2018, Amanda met up with her friend Katherine (a long established Perth-based BodyTalk practitioner). Katherine suggested that Amanda would be interested in doing the BodyTalk Fundamentals course that was being run in February 2018, convinced that she would love both the intellectual and spiritual challenge offered by the teaching.

Katherine then told Amanda a story about helping one of the iconic cactuses of the Arizona desert back to full health using the BodyTalk system. At the time, Katherine was visiting her brother in the USA and her sister-in-law who asked her to see if she could do anything to stop the plant’s decline.  Obliged by tuning into the ailing plant, Katherine quickly determined what was wrong and the couple instituted the changes. Within days the cactus started returning to robust good health.

BodyTalk represented a perfect marriage for Amanda’s prime passions of soil and human health. BodyTalk is a consciousness wellness system based on the principles of quantum physics and can be applied to all sentient beings – meaning that it has the potential to help all things green (from plants growing in pots, gardens and crops in broadacre agricultural systems).

Amanda signed up to the course the next day and hasn’t looked back.

In December 2018 she hired a room at 63 Gregory Street, Geraldton and is now offering BodyTalk sessions – with special introductory deals over the summer.

For more information, or to get in touch with Amanda, please email


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