Soup Rallies in the Community Troops

On Friday the 22nd of June, CityHive was packed with members, coworkers and the general public for what was an anticipated evening…

GeroSoup is an innovative event that crowdfunds support for local innovations and ideas that benefit the wider community. On the night there were four ventures pitched. Every person in the room not only hears about great ideas but  also invested money to one or more ofthese exciting new community projects.

Between the four community projects pitched on the night and the 30 plus individuals who came along, a whopping $710 was raised in total.

Dance for a Difference

The community project “Dance for a Difference” was pitched by Pollinators Community Lead, Kirsty Kipling. This project will be a social, music event in a local pub or bar, giving an opportunity for young adults with disabilities to sing, dance and mix with other members of the community. Kirsty raised $305 towards her project on the night and hopes to hold  the event in late September, early October.

One Minute of Goodness

One Minute of Goodness  “OMG” for short was pitched by Mark Canny on behalf of the Goodness Festival Committee. The Goodness Festival is the festival for science, sustainability and innovation in the Mid West. This year, Goodness plans  to run a Treasure Hunt to help promote their awesome program by getting members of the community to record and upload “one minute of goodness” videos of events. Mark raised $60 on the night.

CreativeHub Alleyway

Julian Canny of Euphorium Creative was next up pitching for funding to help ‘spruce up’ the alleyway next to CreativeHub (and Headspace). Julian is very keen on lighting up this part of the CBD not only for day-to-day passersby but for upcoming events including long table community dinners. Julian raised $140 on the night.

Geraldton Botanical Garden

Stanley Maley and Lesley Colliver pitched on behalf of the Friends of Geraldton Gardens to raise money for setting up a botanical garden in the Geraldton CBD. Stan and Lesley need initial funding to design and print  a prospectus for this community project which they are extremely passionate about. I mean, how amazing would it be to have our own little King’s Park in Geraldton?… Stan and Lesley raised $205 for their project on the night.

If you want to learn more about GeroSoup or any of the pitches from the night, please contact Kirsty Kipling on 9965 5371 or email

Locals pitch initiatives for community crowdfunding

?? COMMUNITY CROWDFUNDING ??GeroSoup allows local startups and social initiatives to pitch their ideas to the community.Attendees pay $20 for four red buttons, worth $5 each, which they throw into buckets that each represent a different initiative. At the end of the night the buttons are counted, and the funds are awarded.Is this the answer to funding local projects? Let us know in the comments!

Posted by ABC Midwest and Wheatbelt on Sunday, 24 June 2018

A huge thank you to Hopes Springs Community Farm for donating their lovely, homemade soup. And thank you to our four wonderful pitchers and all the people who came to support them and their community projects.

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