Hive gains momentum

Many Pollinators will have been familiar with the idea of a ‘hub’ or ‘hive’ as a more creative, affordable, coworking space in Geraldton. Well, the proposal has really gained momentum, has its own website, and we are now collecting detailed information from potential tenants through our survey.

Since the last post on the topic, we have:

  • Reviewed more than a dozen properties in the CBD, narrowing the choice down to just two,
  • Developed a great partnership with a technology and infrastructure provider,
  • Received very positive feedback from local and state government agencies who may support and fund the project through its early stages,
  • Developed detailed cashflow projections for the non-profit business model,
  • Liaised with SiiWA to share ideas and contacts that make the Hive a stronger proposition,
  • Established a legal structure for taking the proposal forward,
  • Created a web-site to promote the idea, and
  • Acquired some great furniture and equipment for the fit-out!

Now we really need your help. And don’t worry, it’s just a survey and will only take 5 minutes.

We need to understand in more detail what needs you or your organisation might have of the space. And, we need to be sure that there are enough people interested to make the business model work. Finally, we want to see who would like to help us design the space to meet their needs.

The 5 minute job is to complete this survey. However we need you to do it NOW. We need to sure up our business case in order to get the investment we need to make it work. So, please take the survey now. We guarantee it only takes 5 minutes.

For all that effort (phew, 5 minutes work?!) you might get rewarded with dinner for two at The Provincial.

You gotta be in it to win it.

And, if you have a friend or two who are interested, pass on the link to the survey, this post, or the Hive website.

Who knows..that friend might have reason to shout you dinner in a couple of weeks ; )

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