Hubs and Hives in North America

Co-working and space sharing as a means to grow social innovation.

I recently enjoyed 6 weeks in the USA, and immersed myself in the progressive culture of some of the West Coast cities: San Francisco, Boulder, Denver, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. There is no doubt that in each case there are a definite set of values, symbols, rituals and iconic spaces that create the ‘culture’ that support ecological, social and economic sustainability.

Each city has its own amazing ‘spaces’, and I sought out some of the more interesting co-working spaces, social innovation laboratories, business incubators, non-profit centres and ‘Hubs’. In each city, so many of the sustainable, innovative, successful initiatives have their roots in those shared spaces. In Geraldton we have the opportunity to be very conscious about creating these spaces, and doing it with the wisdom gained from other’s lessons.

Below you can view and download a picture-filled presentation to give a sense of what I saw, what exists and what is possible for us to create here in Geraldton.

[slideshare id=5223970&doc=pollinatorsco-workinghighlights-100917094401-phpapp01]

While the pictures are beautiful, they don’t tell the whole story of how these organizations got started, maintain their financial viability and the purpose they serve in their various communities. Those stories are harder to represent in pictures and words, but not impossible. Over the next few months we’ll be analysing the stories of some of the organisations in the presentations, their business models, and considering it in the spatial, cultural and instituional context of Geraldton. Hopefully we can come up with something close to a ‘foolproof’ recipe for our own circumstances.

If you are interested in getting on board with this idea in Geraldton and want to join in considering spaces, business models and making it happen, please get in touch, just as others already have.

And if you are interested in potentially working from such a space, please also get in touch to add your name to the list of potential occupants. We already have half a dozen high-profile organizations on the list, and some spaces identified.

This train is a’moving, and now is your chance to leap on-board!

P.S. There are a couple of related presentations already on Slideshare:


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