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Goodness Festival 2018

Goodness Festival is the regional festival all about science, sustainability and innovation.

Hear from Astrophysicist Natasha Hurley-Walker on using radio waves to explore the distant reaches of the Universe, discover the unseen science happening around Geraldton on a secret spaces tour, and bring the family to the Tools of the Trade Discovery Day at the Geraldton Regional Trade Training Centre.

Having engaged more than 6,000 people last year, the Goodness Festival 2018 – dedicated to science, sustainability and innovation is shaping up to be the best one yet!

The Goodness Festival is a series of family-friendly events that challenge participants to discover all kinds of science in the Mid West – often in the places you’d least expect.

So come along and get your science on!


The Goodness Festival 2018 overall objective is to inspire and engage more than 6000 people in science, sustainability and innovation engagement activities through a week-long festival of activities. We have specific purposes aligned with National Science WeekPollinators and Scinapse strategies.

  • Purpose 1: To spark broad interest in science, sustainability and innovation — using everyday activities and interests as a entry point for deeper experiences and understanding.
  • Purpose 2: To help move those who are simply interested to become engaged — partnering with locals to create pathways to ongoing engagement in community or research activities.
  • Purpose 3: To provide opportunities for all — ensuring a mix of the types, timing and level of activities and the way in which they are promoted.
  • Purpose 4: To foster partnerships between the community, research organisations and industry — working practically together on themes, activities to achieve mutual outcomes.
  • Purpose 5: To trial new engagement methods and showcase innovative content— use technology for webcasting and outreach, sharing pitches, ideas and innovations.
  • Engagement – with nature, science, each other, past, present and future,
  • Energy – enabling expression of our passion, intelligence, drive and creativity,
  • Enquiry – into local opportunities, global challenges and collaborative solutions,
  • Enjoyment – having fun while engaging in critical discussions and serious topics.

Coordination – Mark Canny Mob: 0428 617 205

Organisation – Emma Jackson Mob: 0438 925 058

Engagement – Kirsty Kipling Mob: 0435 200 898

Visit the Goodness website to find out more!

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